Sierra Leone News: Bio raises concerns with IG Moigbeh

The flag-bearer of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Julius Maada Bio, his running mate, Juldeh Bah and members of the SLPP Executive visited the Inspector General (IG) of Police, Richard Moigbeh, to discuss security issues ahead of the general elections in March.
Bio highlighted some of the issues the Party encountered during the 2012 elections, which included roving votes by some police personnel. There were allegations that some officers voted more than once at different centres.
Furthermore, Bio claimed when a minor fracas occurred at a polling centre, the Police arrested the SLPP Party Agent and they were taken out of the centre. He said, “These are critical times. Anything can happen even for a minute when they are not around.”
Bio complained of attacks on their Party office. He accused the Police of not investigating their reports. He called on the IG to change this situation. He advised the IG to develop guidelines for policing the March elections.
“As we approach the elections,” Bio said, “we want the process to be free from violence. The Police should be in full control of the security. If the Police work effectively, I would not want MAC-P to be enforced.”
The IG, Richard Moigbeh, assured the SLPP delegation of adequate security for all Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of political affiliations during electioneering period.
He disclosed they developed a 3-year strategic development plan. The strategy focused on elections and the safety of every citizen in every community around the country. He assured the leadership of the Party that they will look into the issues raised by the Party.
By Betty Milton
Friday January 19, 2018.


Fuente: AWOKO