Sierra Leone News: I love Salone so I work harder – Dr Derek

Dr Derek showing how they would be using the dummies to teach students

Deputy Team leader of the Chinese medical team at Jui hospital, Dr Derek has told Awoko that he loves Sierra Leone so much that he is working every day and night because he has his name and telephone number pasted outside the hospital, which makes it easier for all patients to get to him.
Dr Derek a Specialist who treats people for arthritis, rheumatism and other pain in the body treats the highest number of patients on a daily basis in the Jui hospital.
“I love my job and I work very hard to make Sierra Leoneans happy by treating them even when I am off duty. I will be resting during the weekends and at night then I will receive calls from patients who needs treatment. I will go to the hospital and will examine them and if I am in good condition will administer treatment, or will refer them to come in the morning.”
Dr Derek averred that many people in Sierra Leone need treatment and it was evident when the Ark Peace Naval medical ship was in town. He said he sees between 20 and 30 patients on a daily basis and he always do his best to treat all of them.
Yesterday Monday after the Chinese National holiday that they were celebrating throughout last week that kept them out of the hospital, he had over 35 patients that he treated throughout the day. Most of the patients were suffering from arthritis and rheumatism and body pain.
Talking to one of the patient who was an elderly woman, said it is her third day of visiting Dr Derek and she has improved a lot as she was unable to work, but after undergoing two days of treatment, she can now work and she is hopeful that by the time she finished her treatment, she will be able to work upright and feel no pain.
Dr Derek says he wants to save as many lives as possible and he always make sure that his patients are his friends so that the treatment he administers on them will work easily and effectively on them because he believes that every patient is treated medically and psychologically.
“Since we arrived in Sierra Leone for about four months now, I have treated over 200 patients with pain, arthritis and rheumatism plus other foot problems. And many of them have come back to say thanks and I always see them very happy and strong. This is the reason why I love my job and want the best for all Sierra Leoneans.”
Dr Derek commended the nurses that are working with him as he says they are doing great because they work with him to his satisfaction. He said because of their determination to help that is why they are recommending them to go to China for training.
He informed Awoko that they are also preparing the hospital and his own department to start teaching students at the hospital as that was the main reason the hospital was built for.
Tuesday October 10, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO