Sierra Leone News: Another flag bearer aspirant for APC

Another All People’s Congress (APC) Aspirant Ibrahim Bangura who has lived in the United States for a long time has declared his intention to represent the Party in the March 2018 elections.
In an interview with Awoko Newspaper, Bangura said he has been a member of the APC for over 50 years and has contributed financially to the Party’s development process.
“I joined the party in 1968 when I was a teenager and have served the party when I was in Sierra Leone and was the supreme adviser to the new California branch we opened in Los Angeles. During my time in the USA, I have built a school and Mosque in Dibia Chiefdom where I come from and even gave my family house in my village Maborognoh for a Health Centre.”
He said in 1982, he built five concrete bridges to connect lower Dibia chiefdom to Port Loko. Bangura said because his positive intention to make Sierra Leone a better place he has decided to throw his hat in the ring so that he can bring about positive changes to Sierra Leone.
The aspirant who intends to present his Letter of Intent to the Secretary General at the Party office tomorrow said he believes in President Koroma and all what has done and would want to expand on the Party’s agenda by making sure that education, agriculture and health becomes the main areas of his developmental drive.
“Recently I donated four sets of work oxen to farmers in Dibia Chiefdom to help them increase production. This I will continue to do as I will do all in my power to create more jobs for the youths, construct more schools and build low income houses to alleviate the housing crisis in the country.”
Bangura stressed that the double shift in schools he would stop by constructing more schools and will stop privatization of schools, which makes education a commodity. He also made it very clear that he will standardized all schools curriculum and lesson plans for all the schools.
“Also to improve learning in the country, I will make sure we have two TV channels for school teaching in the areas of Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry etc. Will make sure that Teachers training is ongoing and college and university students will get scholarships and when they finish they will in turn enroll for National Service to pay back their loan to the state.”
Bangura averred that agriculture will see thousands of youth working and there will be State farms controlled by the military, and to overturn the rural-urban migration, he will make sure they build many houses that will see many youths going back to the rural areas to work and live a decent life.
“I can go on and on as I have put my manifesto together that I will have to present to the Party so that we can join both the party and my manifesto together for the development of the country. I am sure that even though I am coming late but what I have most of the candidates that have already declared don’t have. I am sure I can make the changes the people deserve in Sierra Leone.”
Ibrahim Bangura said Sierra Leone needs a fresh brain and a new leader that is untainted and that is innovative and visionary. “I am the man with all these attributes and I am ready to win the elections for the Party from the first round if given the mandate. I call on the National Advisory Council (NAC) to look at my CV and make the right choice by given me the ticket so that I will make the party very proud come March 2018. AT/9/10/1
Tuesday October 10, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO