Sierra Leone News: Deserving students awarded scholarships

Scholarship beneficiaries with the
Deputy Minister of Finance, Momoh Vandi

Ten students from various secondary schools in Kenema have been awarded a full scholarship including tuition and other support from secondary school level to university, over the weekend.
One of the beneficiaries, Gbesay Moriba, of Holy Rosary Secondary School promised to live up to the expectations of the government and her parents.
A parent, Feima Momoh, from Dauda town, is a widow with four children. She finds it very difficult to keep her children in school. The fees, the bribes, the schoolbooks, pamphlets, uniforms… are all too expensive for her. She said having a child receive a scholarship is a blessing.
The scholarships were awarded by Momoh Vandi, the Deputy Finance Minister. He said, “I always cherished education. I grew up in a home where education was a priority. My late father was a man who taught for 36-years and always urged them to read and pass my exams.”
The Deputy Minister imposed some conditions on the scholarships including; students should not be involved in any criminal activities, they must obey their parents, they must pass their exams and they must not become pregnant nor impregnate any other.
Momoh said, “The scholarships are from his personal account as an assistance to the nation. He called on other Sierra Leonean to do likewise.”
The scholarships were awarded at the APC regional office along Hangha Road in Kenema.
By Saffa B. Moriba
Tuesday October 10, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO