Sierra Leone News: John Benjamin blasts ACC

John Benjamin, a contender for the flag-bearer of the SLPP during the party’s convention later in the week has questioned the transparency of the Anti-Corruption Commission in an exclusive interview with Awoko newspaper.
Speaking on his priority areas if given the opportunity to serve as President, the former Finance Minister who says he will rebuild the economy and combat corruption with a vigour not known before now asked, “When was the last time a functionary accused of corruption found guilty despite overwhelming evidence and made to face the full penalty of the Law?”
In his administration, this will stop. “Unexplained assets can be easily investigated and confiscated if need be.” J.O.B. said it is only by setting uncompromising and fearless examples that corruption with impunity in Sierra Leone can be ended.
For him, rebuilding the economy is not rocket science. “The NPRC did it after President Momoh drained our resources. The SLPP government in which I served for two years did it and left the economy with a clean bill of health.” He says the experience to do so again and it will not take him long.
Benjamin is hopeful that he will win his party’s ticket at the convention this week and hopes to get the support of his main challenger, Julius Maada Bio.
By Osman Benk-Sankoh
Tuesday October 10, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO