Sierra Leone News: Parliament appreciates Hon Chericoco

Members of Parliament (MP’s) representing both APC and SLPP yesterday roundly appreciated their colleague, Honorable Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah (Chericoco), for being selected as the running mate for the APC.
Hon. Chernor Bah was elected into Parliament in 2007, and he rose up to become Deputy Speaker, a position he still holds even before being selected to serve as running mate for his party almost two weeks ago in Makeni.
Speaking about him in the Well of Parliament, Hon Sualiho M Koroma, representing the SLPP in Constituency 067, said he had seen all the ten characteristics of a good leader in Hon. Chericoco who over the years has been creating brotherhood in his entire working environment.
According to Hon. Hellen Kuyembeh representing Constituency 075 in Bo, it is the responsibility of Parliament to recognize and congratulate one of their colleagues.
“This has nothing to do with politics. I have stated in the House several times that when it is national issues, we talk national. When we go out we talk politics,” she said, explaining that it is their moral obligation to value and respect one of them on his/her achievement.
She maintained that the Deputy Speaker possesses good leadership qualities of serving as a servant leader by being there for the people, as opposed to some other leaders who seat folding their hands and wait for things to be done.
Hon. Navo Kaikai, constituency 001 Kailahun district, said Hon. Chernor Bah is a perfect leader who can handle issues professionally without making it public. He disclosed that the only thing preventing her from campaigning for him is based on party position as her party will be contesting against the APC.
Paramount Chief Member of Parliament, PC Mohamed Sama Kailondo Banya IV representing Kailahun district, informed the House that Hon Chernor Bah has a lot of regards for traditional leaders.
He maintained, “Those who respect traditional leaders are elevated whiles those who fail are demoted”, praying that Hon Bah succeeds in life.
“Now is the time for the youthmen to take position in our society. There is a 37-year-old lady in New Zealand, 39-year-old in France and we have just over 40 years in Sierra Leone,” said Hon Brima Conteh, constituency 079, wishing Hon Chernor Bah was in SLPP.
Speaking on behalf of SLPP in Parliament, the Deputy Minority Leader, Hon Ansumana Kaikai, congratulated his colleague on his new position, but expressed dissatisfaction that Hon Chernor Bah is on the other side in the House.
“I am one of you as a Member of Parliament. God willing even when I go down the road after March 2018 my heart will be in Parliament” said Hon. Chernor Bah.
He assured Parliament that he belongs to the House where he had spent 10 years, “your prayers, guidance and all those things that will push Sierra Leone beyond where President Koroma will leave it will be in your hands.”
The Speaker of Parliament Hon S.B.B Dumbuya said Hon Chernor Bah has a decent and pleasant disposition and has been comporting himself with dignity over the years.
He furthered that throughout his work with Hon Chernor Bah, he was able to notice that he is exceedingly respectful, loyal and humble, adding that Hon Chernor Bah is someone who takes his work very seriously.
By Alhaji M Kamara
October Friday 27, 2017.


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