Sierra Leone News: NGC storms Port Loko

KKY in Port Loko

“My focus is on education. It is the key to a nations development.” He pointed out that if Sierra Leone should develop the youth must play an integral role as they made up the bulk of the country’s population. “For all this to happen we need a game changer and the player that can change the situation in the country is me.”
He said the NGC is a party for the common man, lamenting that for far too long the people of Port Loko have suffered from injustice and he will ensure that he brings justice to the people of Port Loko. He applauded the effort of both President Kabba and Ernest Koroma citing that he will continue where the President has stopped.
Osman Conteh Regional Admin Officer NGC said he was a strong member of the SLPP, noting that after he saw his name as one of those expunged from the party he decided to leave the party. “I believe in the ideology of Dr Yumkella and if given the chance he will transform this country within five years.”
Isatu Koroma a strong supporter of NGC said Sierra Leone is presently under siege, adding that the only person that can free Sierra Leone from such attack is Dr Yumkella. For long these two political parties have held this country to ransom and now it is time for change.” She added that Sierra Leone is not meant for two political parties only but other party’s also must be tried.
Abu Sesay said that he was sympathizing with APC but after they failed to select a Port Loko origin to lead the party in the March 2018 elections, he has decided to join the NGC. He said he has voted in three general elections all in favor of the APC, but this time around he will be voting for NGC.
October Friday 27, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO