Sierra Leone News: NPD Court injunction fails

On 24th October 2017, Justice Sengu Koroma of the High Court of Freetown failed to grant an injunction filed by Sulaiman Banja Tejan Sie on behalf of Jesmed Foday Suma, a member of the National Executive Committee of the National Progressive Democrat (NPD).
The plaintiff, Jesmed Suma, took the first defendant, Vidal Williams, the interim Chairman, the interim Secretary General, Susan Williams, and the National Progressive Democratic Party to court due to irregularities on the activities of the Party.
Prior to the decision of the Judge, Tejan Sie said that as a result of the recent activities of the NPD party that was surrounded by irregularities and it contravened the Political Party Registration Act, they thought it fit to file an injunction in order to stop the operations of the Party. He said the application was made Pursuant to Order 35 Rule 1 of the High Court Rule of 2007. He went on to say that the defendants have elected a new executive despite such irregularities.
According to him, the application is for an interim injunction and such application is supported by an affidavit Jesmed swore on 5 October 2017 and the supplement of the affidavit served on 6th October 2017. He noted, “If such application is not granted the plaintiff will sustain more than financial losses.” He also said that the plaintiff is an astute politician who wants to continue in such a field.
“If the defendants happen to win the substantive matter, we are not mindful of paying damages to them in the form of compensation,” Tejan Sie said. During examination by Counsel for the Defendants, A.K. Kamara of the plaintiff, he said the affidavit contains so many misrepresentations. He pointed out that plaintiff is inconsistent in his statement.
According to the plaintiff, the Executive of the party came together and gave him the right to take the defendants to court as a result of irregularities within the party. He said the delegate’s conference of the party should have been on 3rd and 4th November 2017. He noted that both the interim chairman Vidal Williams and the Interim Secretary of the party Susan Williams were absent in the meeting where he was given the authority to take the party to court. Justice Sengu Koroma adjourned the matter to 26th October 2017.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Wednesday October 25, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO