Sierra Leone News: Red Cross donates goods to Culvert community

The Culvert community, one of the slums in Freetown that decorates the eastern coastline of the capital, is an eyesore and filthy. It is one of the disaster-prone areas that was identified by the Office of the National Security (ONS).
However, like many slums and disaster-prone areas, the Culvert community was devastated by this year’s August 14th landslide and flooding.
Apart from the huge death toll trails left behind by the mudslide, hundreds of residents in below sea-level coastal communities lost everything from the flood that flushed away their shacks and personal effects.
Mabinty Koroma, mother of two, lives with a family of five; her husband, two siblings and two dependents. Like hundreds that lost everything from the flood Mabinty struggles to make ends meet with the little her labourer husband provides.
However, the timely intervention of relief agencies, have played a significant role in helping survivors to rekindled their status. Yesterday, the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society (SLRCS) provided CHF Le4 million worth of essential relief items to flood survivors in Culvert.
Mabinty, one of the beneficiaries commented, “I’m very happy receiving these items.” She explained that the relief items, which comprises med kits, sanitary pads, toiletries, aqua tabs, buckets, jelly cans and blankets are essential in protecting especially the kids from diseases.
Mabinty disclosed had received two tranches of monies from ONS, noting that the first was Le884,000 and the second was Le224,500. These monies were meant to relocate adding that “so far I have used deposited all the money as advance for a house I would be relocating to.” She called for more help especially to help them to kick start petty trading, which most of them were engaged in before the flood.
Another survivor, Amadu Kanu, 67, looks frail in worn-out clothes as he stood in the queue to collect his Red Cross Relief supplies. In hoarse voice that seemed sieged by cold explained, “my house was washed away by the flood… I’ve relocated to the hilltop and the place I’m staying with two of my kids is really cold at night. I’m so happy especially for the blanket they are providing. I’m sleeping on the floor and I have no blanket that is why I often gets cold,” he explained.
SLRC Coordinator Disaster Management, Henry Nyukeh explained that the Culvert is the target community for this distribution of items. He explained that other affected areas would also receive non-food items in due time. Noting that as for the Culvert distribution 600 households are targeted.
Nyukeh disclosed that the good were procured in Dubai from an appeal fund setup for flood survivors.
By Ophaniel Gooding
Wednesday October 25, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO