Sierra Leone News: Orange gives kola: A week unlimited 48hrs talk with Le7,500

This week, Orange is giving ‘Kola’ to it subscribers. Like in Sierra Leone’s traditional wedding a groom’s ‘Kushe’ is often preceded by ‘Kola’ – a gift- to the bride’s family. Yesterday, Orange SL launched ‘Kola’ at the company’s head office at Hill Station. Kola is a weeklong promo, which starts yesterday and will end on the 29th of October.
Chief Marketing Officer, Laurent Marie Kiba explained that with Kola customers can subscribe and enjoy unlimited Orange to Orange calls for 48 hrs till midnight next day for only Le7,500.
He also noted that to subscribe to the ‘Kola’ offer, customers should dial *400#. Noting that they will receive a welcome SMS, which means you can now enjoy unlimited Orange to Orange voice calls.
Kiba further emphasized that when customers subscribe they will enjoy unlimited Orange to Orange calls as many times as possible up to the allocated time.
You can only subscribe once a day for this offer. You can only subscribe again when your allocated time expires, he said.
Kiba also explained that the Kushe campaign by the brand covers five core essentials, which serves as a guiding precepts to the brand offer. These five core essentials he said are “Family, Care, Money, Work and Fun.”
Last week Orange SL says ‘Kushe’ -Hello- to Sierra Leone, by officially launched its $21.526 billion brand on Wednesday at the Langoonda Entertainment Complex.
Orange Sierra Leone Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sekou Drame said we want to give the people of Sierra Leone more opportunities. He explained that because the brand gives premium to transparency that is why the brand has now institute the per second billing.
Starting form today we are now implementing and showcase to our customers our new packages we’ve designed based on their need, he explained.
Cooperate Affairs Manager, June Rose Johnson said, “We want the people of Sierra Leone to feel orange… We don’t want to come and say we are here that’s it. We want to our subscribers to enjoy the services we have to offer,” she said.
Wednesday October 25, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO