Sierra Leone News: “The currency of politics is people” – Maada Bio

The presidential candidate for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Julius Maada Bio has told supporters at the national stadium, “the currency of politics is the people”.
He made this statement during his welcome speech to supporters in Freetown after passing through Port Loko and through Koya Districts and Western area from his recent tour outside the country.
Bio said people have been accusing him of having no money as he enters the race to govern the country. According to him, that is true – but he has people. Bio went on that, “In politics you need money because it is necessary but not enough to win elections because the currency of politics is the people.” He said he will continue to be happy and proud because he had the people that have expressed trust and confidence in him.
Bio said it is the people that will make you win or lose an election so as far as he is concerned it is better to have the people than having money to buy them over. He said he is rich with the people of this country because it is the people that are going to win with him. He said after ten years outside government he has realized that education is key and if elected will give the people free and accessible schooling.
Bio said the Ministry of Education is the worst performing ministry in the history of the country – from the unnecessary burden on school going children by adding additional years to their academic calendar. He said it is a burden on both parents and children, which he promised to abolish if his government is elected.
He revealed that when he took power he served for only three months and allowed for the conduct of democratic elections without requesting for an additional time stating the present peace in the country needs to be maintained and respected in the interest of development.
He called on his supporters to respect democracy and join him in changing the country’s status to one that is geared towards development. “Paopa Salone for better.”
Foday Yumkela, said with the number of people that contested for the flag-bearer position for the party clearly indicated the level of democracy and tolerance displayed. The former aspirants all congratulated Bio, which is a clear sign of wining the March elections.
The Party Chair, Prince Harding, told the crowd that they have demonstrated to the world that Maada is the best candidate for the country especially when they were able to come out in great numbers in their green colors. MK/23/10/17
Tuesday October 24, 2017.


Fuente: AWOKO