An-148 plane crash may have been triggered by speed-indicator failure – investigators

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On Tuesday, the IAC announced it had completed the deciphering of information contained in the one of the black boxes – the on-board data flight recorder – of the crashed plane. It is still working on the other black box, the voice recorder.

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The preliminary analysis suggests that the “incorrect data about flight speed on the pilots' indicators, which in turn was linked to the icing of the pitot-static [sensor] system” led to a “special situation” with the plane, according to the IAC statement.

The Saratov Airlines Antonov jet carrying 65 passengers and six crew crashed after take-off outside Moscow on Sunday. No one survived the accident.

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The ill-fated Flight 703 was bound for Orsk, the second-largest city in the Orenburg Region, Russia. It lost contact with air traffic control several minutes after take-off.

Earlier media reports citing an emergency source suggested that weather conditions, human error or technical failure might have led to the fatal accident.


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