Parents need to be educated on birth registration

Kandhkot - Due to lack of awareness in parents, most of the children in far-flung rural areas of the country go without birth registration. Birth registration is the basic right of children since it is a legal proof of child’s existence as well as his identity. It is reported that children in millions grow up without their birth registration, especially in rural and remote areas of the country.

Children who are not registered are known as invisible children. Unregistered children remain invisible to the authorities and thus also remain deprived of their rights such as health facilities and education. Birth registration is not the only right of any child, but it is the most important document of his life. World Vision Pakistan (WVP) has also been working with National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) to address the difficulties of birth registration, but regretfully not a single event, seminar, programme or awareness campaign has been organised by NADRA and WVP to raise awareness about this issue.