Asif Zardari launches career as political analyst with Bol TV

Weeks after former president Pervez Musharraf launched his career on mainstream media, the Bol Network announced that former president Asif Ali Zardari will also be appearing on a weekly show as a political analyst.

According to a promotional video shared by Bol Network on twitter, the new show is called Pakistan Khappay with President Asif Ali Zardari and will be aired every Sunday at 9:30pm.

In the first episode of the show that was aired on March 19, Zardari appeared live from Bilawal House in Karachi, responding to questions posed by the anchor.

The former president spoke of the challenges Pakistan is facing in the international arena and regretted that the government had failed to appoint a foreign minister.

"If the government does not have a foreign minister, then, I believe, there is no concern for Pakistan's position on the the global stage and the numerous challenges the country is facing," Zardari said.

During the episode the former president also spoke about Pak-US relations and said that "if someone takes the responsibility to hold dialogue with [America]," the relations can be improved.

When questioned about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Zardari said that Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf has not been able to understand the project, adding that "it is not a project of building roads".

Earlier, during the first episode of his show with Bol TV, 'Sab Se Pehle Pakistan with President Musharraf,' which was aired on Feb 26, Musharraf had responded to the anchor's questions from Dubai — where he is currently living in self-exile.

Musharraf's show airs on Sundays at 8pm.


Fuente: DAWN