Masses to reject Nawaz in 2018 for pro-India posture: Durrani

ISLAMABAD: Former information minister Muhammad Ali Durrani says the nation will reject Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's recently declared ‘Friendship with India’ manifesto in 2018 elections and take his politics to the dustbin of history.

“Referendum should be held on the prime minister’s assumption, asking the nation if they wanted friendship with India or freedom of Kashmir,” he said in an exclusive talks with Jang/The News. Durrani said: "Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will fail to save his security deposits if he contests next election on his recent claim." He was of the view that “Modi’s fiends” pose biggest threat to the Ideology of Pakistan, who now credit their victory in 2013 general elections to “friendship with India” phrase, which was part of a well-conceived strategy to contain and strike the very foundations of Pakistan’s Ideology.

Lauding the sacrifices and velour of Kashmiris against the brutal state oppression by the occupied forces, he said the people of Indian Held Kashmir had given their verdict in unequivocal terms for accession with Pakistan.

"Their determination for freedom has buried the much-desired Indian “Akhand Bharat” dream. In contrast, the Government of Pakistan gave a message of friendship to India by house arresting Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, former Chief of Jamat-ud-Dawah," he said.

“Modi using pallet guns to gag and maim Kashmiris, playing ‘Holi’ with the blood of innocent freedom lovers in order to kill the political struggle while rulers here are applying the weapon of house arrest to muffle the supporters of Kashmiri brothers and sisters,” Durrani blamed.