MQM condemns hate material in KP local govt ad

LONDON: The MQM (London) Rabita Committee Convener Nadeem Nusrat has vehemently condemned the KP government for terming Shias in a newspaper advertisement as non-Muslims.

Nadeem Nusrat in a statement in London reacted to the advertisement given by Bannu Tehsil Municipal Administration in daily Aaj of March 19, where applications were sought for the post of sweeper and condition for the applicant was stated to be only Shia, Hindu, Balmeki or Christian. He questioned that according to the law of Pakistan if only non-Muslim can become a sweeper, why the KP government put the Shia Muslims among the list of non-Muslims.

He said that if there was no condition of religion for the post of sweeper in the law, why in the said advertisement condition of the religion was put for the post of sweeper. Nusrat said that PTI party was ruling the KP province and its leaders had done that to express their hatred against Shias and please their fellow-religious extremists.

The MQM leader asked PTI’s Imran Khan to answer the nation that after offending Shia Muslims what kind of change PTI was bent upon bringing in the country. He also demanded of the PTI leadership and KP government to apologise from the Shia Muslims and stop printing hate material and advertisements in the press forthwith.

Our correspondent from Islamabad adds: Meanwhile KP Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak took serious notice of the advertisement in the newspaper by the Bannu Nazim and decided to take up issue with the provincial Local Government minister. However provincial Education Minister Atif Khan said that Local Governments were free in their affairs and the said ad was not given by the provincial government but the Bannu Nazim issued the said advertisement. He said that provincial government would investigate the issue and raise it with the relevant quarters. Meanwhile, Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen has vehemently condemned the appearance of hate material in the shape of govt ad in a local newspaper.