PML-N trying to remove Maryam’s name from papers: PTI

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman  Imran Khan on Wednesday said that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was making all possible efforts to remove Maryam Nawaz's name from the documents in the Panama case as dependent of her father Nawaz Sharif as this directly implicate the prime minister.

Khan also said that the Sharif family had never thought that they would have to face trial in a court in connection with Panama leaks.

Talking to reporters outside the residence of his party's Secretary-General Jehangir Tareen, Khan said that the PTI had even extracted evidence against Sharif family out of the papers that the Sharif's submitted into the SC.

Khan said that the new document presented in the court by Sharif family looked dubious and they were just trying to remove Maryam's name off the documentation as her being a dependent directly implicated Nawaz Sharif.

In 1992, Sharif family had used Hundi system and an unsuspecting Pakistani family's names and bank accounts to do their money laundering, he alleged.

"From these papers it shows that the Sharif family’s factory in Jeddah was running into losses to the tune of 2.6 million dirhams and the family did not have the money to set up the factories anywhere else," he said, adding that those were their outstanding liabilities presented in the documents that they had submitted.

"If Sharif family didn't have the money to send it to another country, then this entire case ends here," the PTI chairman said.

Khan commended the people of the PTI for standing with this case.

He accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for lying on the floor of the National Assembly saying they had a money trail for buying London properties but the SC had declared that there was no money trail.

The PTI chairman further said that the prime minister had not presented any documents of the Jeddah factory and the transfer of alleged money on behalf of the Qatari prince.

"Whether Qatari prince was 'Hatim Tai' who doled out millions to Sharif family," he questioned.  Khan said that the Sharif family was in the habit of making new stories over their off shore wealth during the last seven months and their contradictory statements were coming out with every passing day.

After the Qatari Sheikh's episode, suddenly a new revelation has been from Sharif family, he said.

"They have procured some "trust deed" on which suddenly the entry of Nescoll and Neilson has been made, which they said 'by mistake' was omitted from the trust deed they had given earlier."

Khan alleged that Nawaz Sharif not only lied to the nation but also to the National Assembly and the courts as well. And behind these lies are billions of rupees of Pakistani taxpayers’ money stashed behind their companies abroad.

Khan pointed out that elder Sharifs used to say that their kids' businesses started in 2005 but Hassan Nawaz had started businesses worth billions in 2001.

This was just two years after he had given the BBC Hard Talk interview as a "student" to Tim Sebastian.

How did he have the money to set up businesses worth billions in 2001, he questioned.

"This is why Naeem Bokhari had requested that there should be criminal proceedings against chairman NAB for not catching them on this criminal embezzlement of Pakistan's funds," he said.