American speed skater reveals his favourite wine - and it's a Kiwi brand

The self-confessed "America's sweetheart" of the Winter Olympics, speed skater Adam Rippon is a big fan of Kiwi wine.

Rippon, who won helped the United States to bronze in the figure skating team event in PyeongChang this week, gave a sparkling interview to Good Morning America about his performance and his new-found fame as a sports personality.

And when he was asked what he was going to do when he got back home to the States, Rippon was quick to reply.

"I'm gonna go to Target, and I'm gonna get a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc Oyster Bay, with the twist top. Immediately."

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Rippon, 28, who is the US's first openly gay Winter Olympics athlete, has impressed people with his frankness in PyeongChang. He was critical of Vice President Mike Pence being chosen to lead the US Olympic delegation because he introduced anti-gay measures while governor of Indiana.

Rippon has also said he would boycott a US Winter Olympics team visit to the White House because he doesn't think he would be welcome.

"I personally don't have anything to say to Mike Pence," Rippon said. "I'm very lucky because legislation he's pushed hasn't affected my life at all. I spoke out because there are people out there whose… lives have been affected by changes that he's tried to make."

"Right now I have a voice, and I think it's really important for me to use it."

As for his performance in the teams' event Rippon told Good Morning America: "I thought I was gonna throw up, but I kept it together."


And the "America's sweetheart" label?

At a press conference earlier in the week, Rippon said he had always spoken his mind and from the heart, the Washington Post reported.

"And you know what, I think America's just catching on," he said. "The other day I was joking to one of my friends. He was like, 'You're everywhere right now.' I was like, 'I know, I'm like America's sweetheart.' And he just laughed in my face because what you think of as sort of the American people embracing, I don't really think I, on paper, really embody much of any of that sort of perceived persona. And I think maybe that's what people are kind of latching onto, that my story's different. That I'm different, and I think on some level we all feel sort of different and when we are embraced for who we are and speaking our minds it's awesome.

"I know what it's like to be a young kid and feel out of place, to want to share your ideas and feel like people might not like them. And I spent a lot of time worrying what people thought of me, and as soon as I was able to let go of those doubts, that's when I was able to find my voice. And I hope that in the process of me sharing who I am with everyone that they can find their voice, too. Honestly it's really fun to be yourself. It's really fun to be me."

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