Jimmy Carr's Dunedin quake gag sparks outrage on social media

Controversial British comedian Jimmy Carr has been criticised for joking Dunedin needs an earthquake in order to become a beautiful town.

Carr, known for his sometimes offensive humour and for going after hecklers, has been touring New Zealand this month. But this gag posted by the comedian on Twitter did not go down well with everyone:

Some users tweeted their approval of Carr's quip, but many expressed their disapproval.

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"Dude, waaaay too soon. Some of us survived those quakes. Too many of us didn't. Don't joke about tragedies, especially ones you haven't experienced. Thanks," one user tweeted.

Some labelled the joke "Not ok". Another user wrote: "Bit harsh mate".

The 2011 Canterbury earthquake killed 185 people and the 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake claimed 256 lives.

Parts of Christchurch have been redeveloped in recent years, including retail spaces on Cashel St, the BNZ Centre on Hereford St and the ANZ Centre on High St.

However, numerous projects, including the Metro Sports Facility, the Convention Centre and The Terrace development have been delayed.

Thousands of Christchurch residents have spent the years since the earthquakes trying to settle insurance claims. Some are still to be resolved.

Carr is known for his relentless humour that verges on the side of awkward and inappropriate.

On Sunday, the comedian noted that joking about quakes could be a touchy subject:


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