Sticks and spades in Tauranga clash

A woman is in hospital after being hit by a car during a violent clash in a beachside cul de sac in Tauranga late Sunday.

Police received more than 20 calls about disorder and fighting in Lyn Grove, Papamoa Beach, from 8.45pm on Sunday.

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Witnesses reported a number of people fighting sticks, garden tools and bats, Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Turner said. 

Several people were seen running through properties and multiple vehicles were seen leaving the address.

There were several witnesses who saw a woman run over by a car outside a home, he said. 

"The woman is currently in hospital with what is thought to be a broken leg and a shoulder injury and she is in a stable condition."

Police on the scene impounded at least one vehicle.

They cordoned off the street for about an hour.

"Ambulance has also attended, however the extent of any injuries has not been confirmed."

Lyn Grove resident Laura O'Flaherty heard the commotion in the usually quiet street.

​"Within about 30 seconds of her going outside a car smashed through our fence and was not slowing down," she said.

"She got out of the way but it was a shock."

The car careened through her backyard colliding with the deck her friend was standing on.

The force of the impact uprooted the concrete foundations and buckled the structure. But the car didn't stop there, according to O'Flaherty.

"They were just driving really erratically," she said. "They didn't seem to lose control it seemed deliberate. They hit another house down the road."

One woman was run over by a car and O'Flaherty could hear someone wailing.

"I saw about 15 people standing around a woman on the ground," she said.

"I think she taken away in an ambulance."

O'Flaherty has lived at the house for two years and said they rarely had problems in the area.

"It's a nice street," she said. "Most of the parties are shut down about 10 and the neighbours all came to check on me and sweep up the glass after the crash."

Turner said police were appealing to witnesses who saw the crash and altercation to come forward. 

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