Lorde's leaving little presents to fans via Twitter

Wellington Lorde fans – keep an eye on Lorde's Twitter account this weekend.

The Kiwi songstress has been keeping admirers on an intimate scavenger hunt during the past few days.

Lorde is under way with her New Zealand tour, which kicked off in Dunedin on Tuesday night, before landing in Christchurch on Wednesday night. She has one more show in Christchurch on Thursday night.

But it's the little things that are keep her fans buzzing.

Lorde dynamite in Christchurch
Lorde wows Dunedin fans on her birthday
Green light for Lorde at Silver Scrolls
Happy birthday Lorde!

The Kiwi songstress, who celebrated her 21st birthday on Tuesday, has been leaving little packages for fans in the cities that she has been performing in. 

The first was hidden behind a book in the Dunedin Public Library.

She posted a photo to her Twitter, informing fans she "left a little package" behind the book.

It was two tickets to her upcoming show, plus a T-shirt with a hand drawing by Lorde.

The next was in Christchurch, behind a gorilla sitting on a park bench at the northern end of New Regent St. Though someone appeared to discover it, they haven't come forward on Twitter – yet.

Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor, will perform in Christchurch again on Thursday evening and in Wellington on Saturday at the Michael Fowler Centre. ​

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