Police officer convicted for harassing Dunedin businessman for years

A police officer waged a harassment campaign on a Dunedin businessman for more than two years. 

Jeremy Fraser Buis, 39, was convicted on a raft of charges relating to the harassment of Daniel Pryde after a June 2012 parking dispute escalated. 

Suppression of his occupation was lifted in the High Court at Dunedin on Monday.

Buis had spray-painted Pryde's name and phone number around places where gay men hung out, and sent anonymous text messages to him featuring gay slurs and photos of penises.

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He also uploaded Pryde's photo to a dating website, a move the victim said made him and his wife "feel sick".

In April, Buis was found guilty of criminal harassment, threatening to do grievous bodily harm and intentional damage. 

He was sentenced to 200 hours of community work and order to pay emotional harm reparation of $15,000.

Buis' name suppression was lifted on April 21, but his occupation remained suppressed until Monday.

At the time of sentencing, Buis was understood to still be employed by New Zealand Police, although he was stood down for a time two years ago.

Victim Daniel Pryde, who waived his right to name suppression, said in a victim-impact statement that he "feared for my life and my wife and children".

"It was a living hell for us," he said.

In his April decision, Judge Paul Kellar said: "From what should have been an innocuous incident about parking I am sure that Mr Buis has engaged in a sustained period of harassment of (victim) for a period of over two years."

He noted the planning, premeditation and sophistication of the offending and the harassment had "hit its mark".

"This is inexplicable behaviour … an absolute tragedy."

Buis' lawyer Anne Stevens previously said her client had sought permanent name suppression to protect his family.

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