Is the Kiwi dream the new American dream

Green rolling hills, rugged mountain ranges and fiords, the Hobbit. 

We have a lot to boast about in our little corner of the South Pacific, but it turns out our perceived "quaintness" is the selling factor for some Americans, in search of the new 'American dream.'

NBC broadcaster Keith Morrison set out to find why New Zealand is the "it country" for its Sunday Night programme hosted by Megyn Kelly in an clip titled The Americans Are Coming: The Obsession With New Zealand

In the segment, a group of recent US expats huddled around a fire, marvelling at the Kiwi can-do attitude and ingenuity: "Fifty years ago it was all about the American dream, and that kinda doesn't exist anymore - it's the Kiwi dream now," one unnamed woman said. 

* New Zealand existed before America started paying attention
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One left a job behind in finance, and is working in New Zealand as a barista. 

"I'm not making as much money as I was in the United States, but I'm much happier and I'm finding a good work-life balance, so it pays off," she said, smiling to the camera. 

Here, any idea that you bring to the table could come to fruition, she said.

"If you can work hard and do what you're supposed to do, then you can be successful." 

This is the New Zealand dream, they said. 

Travel writer Liz Carlson moved to New Zealand from the US five years ago, and was featured in the NBC video.  

She said the idea of New Zealand as the new American dream was "a bit of a stretch," but could see how that idea came about. 

"What's happening is s... has hit the fan so badly in America that people who may have not thought seriously about taking the plunge finally feel the push to leave."

The quintessential 'American dream' was about "making money, getting the big house and all the stuff you want," but now normal degrees aren't good enough, Master's degrees aren't good enough, and "people hadn't planned for that," she said. 

So New Zealand beckons to many. 

Some Americans are growing tired, and see New Zealand as a "little haven," she said. 

With its beautiful nature, and lofty ideals of inclusion and safety - you hardly lock your doors where she lives in Wanaka - "it is, in some ways, like the old American dream".

"It's the 'grass is greener on the other side' attitude," she said.

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