Team New Zealand take break after dream America's Cup start

Time for a sleep-in! No America's Cup racing on Tuesday, but no lack of intrigue.

The teams head away to their bases for a five-day break, with Team New Zealand having won the first four races to take a commanding grip on the series.

The Kiwis showed their light air superiority on Monday with another two resounding wins.

Peter Burling completed two more shutouts in the starting box as Team New Zealand scored wire-to-wire victories on Bermuda's Great Sound.

* Difference is in the detail as Team NZ's ingenuity proves its worth
Burling hits start box bullseye  
Where's Larry? Oracle boss in Cup shadows

That left even the normally brash-talking Jimmy Spithill admitting Oracle Team USA had a mountain to climb from here.

But he suggested what happens between now and Sunday's next races will probably determine the America's Cup as Oracle desperately look for some performance gains and Team New Zealand try to squeeze even more out of their impressive boat to maintain their advantage.

Burling made it clear his crew and shore team wouldn't be sitting idle, adamant there are improvements on offer.

"We are really happy with the outcome from this weekend, but we are going to be a lot better next weekend."

Monday's results:

 Race 3: NZ v US (NZ won by 49s)

 Race 4: NZ v US (NZ won by 1m 12s)

NZ lead series 3-0 (They started at -1 after US got a bonus point from the round-robin)

Next races:

Sunday, June 25:
5.12am: Race 5: NZ v US
5.57am: Race 6: NZ v US

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