Australian man turns off Telstra's 2G network, says goodbye to his 13-year-old Nokia

An Australian man has been given the honour of turning off Telstra's original 2G GSM mobile network after the forced retirement of his Nokia 3315 phone went viral.

Posting to Telstra's Facebook page, Oly Gordon said he had owned his Nokia 3315 for 13 years with no issues.

Gordon said the battery continued to last for three days at a time, and it had outlasted "4 SIM cards, countless drops, knocks and falls from extended heights". 

While Gordon conceded it was likely Telstra had not sold a 2G phone in some time, he said it was most likely due to its indestructible nature.

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As a result of his post, Telstra Customer Support reached out to Gordon and made him an offer - while he would never be able to top his Snake record of 1781, they would fly him to Melbourne to turn off the 2G network personally.

"After I posted it, I got an email the next morning asking if I could fly over to Melbourne and meet up with their CEO and some representatives, and be the one to make the final call on the 2G network to officially shut down the towers," he told Radio 6PR's Simon Beaumont.

Gordon said he made the call to Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn, who gave him the go-ahead to flip the switch.

"One of the people there with me - Mike- actually set up the 2G network, and was a part of it from the ground up," he said.

"It was really nice to have him there."

Figures in 2014 indicate the closure would only affect one per cent of Telstra customers, and the business spent the last few months of the service rounding up its last 2G customers and providing a 'care pack' with a replacement mobile phone.

Gordon said Telstra presented him with a Google Pixel Smartphone, but said he was still hesitant as to how it would work.

"I'm still waiting to get that set up, and try and get used to a Smartphone. Hopefully I can find a version of snake on there, and master that," he said.

As for the last phone call he made using the 2G Network?

"I want to say it was to my girlfriend, but I'm pretty sure it was my mum."