Cows, lambs, now penguins, oh my

Aftershock has hit Picton - in the form of a baby blue penguin. 

The earthquake refugee, named Aftershock, will be the second penguin brought into Picton's EcoWorld Aquarium and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, according to NZME.

Little blue penguin Little Tremor was found lost on a track in the Marlborough Sounds the day after the Kaikoura quake.

Two Dutch tourists found the lone penguin, believed to have been abandoned by his parents, and took him to the Picton Veterinary Clinic.

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The new additions to EcoWorld will live there for the next few months before being released into the wild in Queen Charlotte Sound.

Little Tremor will be released in about a month after he has learned to swim and can fend for himself. 

"When Little Tremor was first brought in he was tick-free and in need of a good meal," EcoWorld's Hannah Harland said.

"He's been feeding well and is gaining weight. He is a lot more confident during feeding times now and can be quite demanding and vocal when he's after his fishy meal."

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