I love taking tea almost to the point of addiction – Dr Emmanuel Enabulele, consultant surgeon

Dr Emmanuel Enabulele is a Consultant Surgeon and the Medical Director of Joekem Clinic, Mazamaza in Lagos. Passionate about his calling as medical doctor, Enabulele relives the good old days.

In this interview he shares his tea experience, a habit he cultivated as far back as the 70s probably while in the university.

Do you love tea Would you describe yourself as a tea lover?

Yes, I really do love tea. I am a tea lover; I love taking tea almost to the point of addiction.

Now, as  a tea lover, how often do you take tea?

Well, I take tea at least once a day and that is during breakfast. I also do take coffee and take it anytime of the day. I take tea in the mornings.

Whey you do love taking tea?

I love taking tea  because it gives me this kind of mental alertness.

Does your family also love taking tea?

Yes, we take tea in my family. The trending brand now is Top tea.

When did you start to take tea?

If I go down memory lane, I started taking tea way back in the 1970’s.

I love taking tea almost to the point of it becoming an addiction to me.