Business: Raila casts doubt on Government plans to reduce food prices


NAIROBI, KENYA: NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga has questioned the sustainability of reduced maize flour by the government.

Mr. Odinga said the prices will skyrocket in the next two months terming the move as a political ploy.

“The subsidised price of maize flour was a political ploy, this is only a campaign gimmick, in the next two months the prices will shoot up,” he said.

Raila also claimed that the government is raking in millions from the increased prices of petroleum products.

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On Tuesday, the government announced reduction in maize flour prices with one kilo pack retailing at Sh 47 while two kilos pack going for Sh 90. The move is part of government subsidy programme which seeks to reverse the recent rise in prices of essential food commodities.

“It is notified to the public that effective Wednesday, the government has partnered with various millers to offer white maize flour at subsidised rates across the country,” reads public notice issued by ministry of agriculture on Tuesday.